Hip-hop Legend Chali 2Na and New Orleans Band Naughty Professor Weigh in on America’s Future

Back in March of last year, the legendary Chali 2Na, of the iconic hip-hop collective Jurassic 5, collaborated on the track “Darker Daze.” At that point, it Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton were still serious and heavily favored contenders. Few would have guessed that our newly installed president would actually be sitting in that office. (It’s likely that no one is more surprised than he.) Even that far back, though, it was obvious that grim days were ahead for this country. And Chali 2Na and Naughty Professor (and fellow New Orleans guitarist/vocalist Dexter Gilmore,) just as artists have been since forever, were plugged right into those darker, lower currents.

In press notes for the collaboration, Naughty Professor’s Sam Shahin says, “‘Darker Daze’ plays on an obvious double entendre that represents the confines placed on marginalized people throughout the history and development of organized government in the United States. As these confines became less physical and less embedded into the written law, the daze of these confines emanated into the systematic power structures and societal norms. Some say things have been uncovered recently; we say the daze has thickened to the point that even those with weak vision can’t help but feel it shrouding the move of every American.”

To which Chali 2na adds: “‘Darker Daze’ is a song that reflects the opinions, predictions, and fears of people who are against a Donald Trump led America. Basically, ‘Darker Daze’ is our way of saying, whether you like it or not, fasten your seat belts because there will be turbulence!

Top image courtesy Chali 2Na/Alchetron.