IDW Will Release ’24: Legacy’ Prequel Comic

As of 24: Live Another Day, Jack Bauer is rotting away in a Russian prison or worse. And with Jack out of the picture, Fox is slated to introduce fans to Eric Carter in the upcoming 24: Legacy series. While Carter is new to the franchise, IDW is already making plans to explore the history of the latest 24 character.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, IDW is releasing a five-issue 24: Legacy miniseries by screenwriter and novelist Christopher Farnsworth and artist Antonio Fuso that will put Carter in the lead while depicting his military experience in Iraq and Washington D.C. before revealing how he killed a major terrorist in the Middle East. Essentially, Carter will be made a target because of his actions, which leads into the events of the first season of the reboot series.

“I’ve been a fan of 24 since the first episode, and I’m grateful to IDW for giving me the chance to contribute in a small way to its mythology,” said Farnsworth, while speaking with THR. “I also get to blow a lot of stuff up on the page, which is always pretty cool. I’m going to do my best to live up to the expectations of the show.”

24 Legacy Cover

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This will be the first 24 comic since 2014, which was published as a prelude for Jack Bauer’s return to the franchise. The first episode of 24: Legacy will debut on Sunday, February 5, after the Super Bowl. The comic will be released digitally and in comic stores in April.

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing