Exclusive Playlist | Alok Is The Prince of Brazil’s DJ Royal Family

Photo: Mauricio Santana (Getty Images)

You could say that beats are in the blood of “Alok” Petrillo. Brazil’s biggest DJ’s parents are well-respected psy-trance DJs and the founders of Universo Paralello, an epic 10-day beachside music festival that makes Miami’s Ultra Music Festival look like a backyard pool party.

Combining easy-to-please house/techno beats and pop vocalists with his native Brazilian bass sound, Alok is like a Latin Calvin Harris (check out his 23 million viewed “Hear Me Now” video below). Ambitious and talented, he has his sets sight on bringing his sun-soaked sound to the world, including a current tour through the US (see the remaining tour dates below).

Alok is the next featured artist in Crave’s ongoing playlist series, The Breaks, which features world-class DJ/producers talking about their “first time” and making an exclusive playlist of the songs they played when they got their “big break.”

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I was 12 years old when I played my first gig” says Alok over email. “I got paid around 150 Real’s, or $45 USD. I believe the party was called “Psycho Trance”, and was in Brasilia in 2004. I was booked by my dad.

‘The first time I stepped on the stage, I had a wonderful energy exchange with the crowd. Everybody was dancing, and I remember at that exact moment I realized that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life – make people dance, see them have a good time, and bring joy through music.”

“I Wish” – Infected Mushroom

“‘I Wish’ was a very remarkable track and a cornerstone of the early psy-trance era. I was just 10 years old when I heard this track and I still remember the buzz it created and Infected Mushroom’s production.”

“Led” – The First Stone

“The First Stone is an electronic project which my father is part of. ‘Led’ was one of the tracks that would drive crowds crazy! Whenever I hear this track it still gives me goosebumps.”

“Broken MP3” – Burn In Noise

“Back in my early days, Burn In Noise released many tracks that were heavily played in the early Brazilian psy-trance scene. ‘Broken MP3′ was one of the tracks that I played out quite a lot. A very groovy track in those days!”

“Party Pooper” – Eskimo

“This track was one of the tracks that would cause a buzz in any dance floor in those days. It was one of my favorite tracks then, and I still think Eskimo was one of the best producers of those days.”

“Juremix” – Ekanta 

“Ekanta is my biological mother and a big inspiration for me. ‘Juremix’ was the break through track for her. For me and my brother when we were fresh 11 years old DJ’s, it was one of the peak tracks of our sets and the ‘house would go down’ whenever we played it. It’s impossible for me to hear or talk about this track without thinking of my mother.”

For the more sights, sounds, info on Alok (go HERE) and check out the final dates on his US Tour below.

01/19 – Miami – LIV
01/20 – Las Vegas – Hakkasan
01/21 – Orlando – 2017 Florida Cup Tournament