Exclusive Playlist | Minimal Effort’s Curator Plays DJ For NYE

Curating a New Year’s Eve playlist is hard enough, but imagine doing one for thousands of your closest friends (or at least paying customers) for twelve hours?

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That’s a lot of pressure, but Minimal Effort founder Cyril Bitar is always up for the challenge. Bitar put maximum effort into putting together an artist line-up that will keep Minimal Effort’s New Year’s Eve party going from 4pm to 4am. You can enter to win tickets (HERE) or buy tickets (HERE).

Crave got a chance to peek behind the DJ curtain to see Bitar’s selection process as the producer (and artist behind Human Resources, who is on the bill) made an Exclusive Minimal Effort NYE’s Playlist that’s perfect for the pre-and-post party festivities.

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So, without further adieu, here’s Cyril:

“As an artist and promoter, I can say there are few activities I enjoy more than discovering new and emerging sounds. I think my everlasting search for that next great record has served me well in both my creative roles. I know this same love for the rich tapestry of music that encompasses today’s electronic music landscape is something that also drives my fans and event patrons.

“For this reason, I use my sets and shows as a medium for sharing these great discoveries and to bring others along on my musical journey. Booking our latest show, Minimal Effort NYE, we got the opportunity to bring some of our favorite artist to share with our fans.

“I’ve put together a short playlist of tracks that I feel best embodies some of the acts on this lineup. These are all tracks I listened to during my consideration and selection process as we put together this show.”

“Osa” – Recondite

Recondite’s emergence as a heavy hitter in the techno scene has been quick, but also completely warranted. He has proven his ability to consistently turn out amazing tracks, calling on the power of unique melodies and strong baselines. ‘Osa’ is perfect example of this.

“Remember In Reverse” – Simian Mobile Disco 

As a longtime SMD (Simian Mobile Disco) fan I was excited at the prospect of having them out for NYE. While there are no shortage of duo’s in the electronic scene, these two have maintained a reputation of performing both on the stage and in the studio, this track off their new album Welcome To Sideways is no exception to that. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us as we ring in the new year.

“Singularity” – Stephan Bodzin  

I am happy to see Stephan Bodzin’s popularity in the US is on the rise after years of garnering considerable acclaim internationally for his nuanced productions and captivating live performances. Many have said Stephan is a real producer’s producer and a real fan’s performer, but one thing is certain, this guy is a real artist. Stephan will be gracing us with one of his live sets this NYE and this will also be his LA debut. I really hope this one makes it into his set that night, I know I have had some trouble keeping it out of my own.

“Mouth to Mouth” (Boys Noize Remix) – Audion 

I feel Matthew Dear has calculated a very specific musical aesthetic for his Audion alias. Best described in my opinion as techno with a respectable amount of the most contemporary pop-flare. His sound has so much appeal as he consistently turns out the types of tracks that translate into complete madness on the dance floor. This, his latest release on the Ghostly imprint, can be easily associated with that feeling of visceral euphoria only experienced with the choicest selections blaring over the dance floor. The original is amazing, but Boys Noize was kind enough to put sauce on it with this remix, which I have been quite keen on.

“Dystopian” (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix) – Henry Saiz 

Henry Saiz’s early works were the subject of constant praise from the likes of Digweed, Guy J, and Cattaneo, each of whom have a strong following in the LA underground and club scenes. For this he has garnered considerable support of his own in this city. A collection of everything from dark spacey progressive tracks to more deep and techy drivers is a testament to his musical range. The dynamic his band brings to his performances is really engaging. 

“Woods” – &ME 

This one from &ME really put him on the map for me and often finds its way into my sets as well. A strong buildy arpeggiator and some ominous undertones here make for a serious crowd pleaser. His vibe has always bode well with crowds in LA and we can’t wait to see this energy during his performance on NYE.

“Girl Scout Cookies” – Sacha Robotti 

Really couldn’t resist this one so I guess it is befitting that Sacha named this ‘Girl Scout Cookies.’ This is Sacha’s latest release on the Suara imprint, of which the Minimal Effort crew and fans are big supporters. 

“Solid Thinking” – Amtrac 

‘Solid thinking’ indeed. This track is a real thinker and creeper, had a steady foot tapping out of me and it progresses beautifully. I could see this one moving even the more objectionable crowds for more than a minute in the right setting. For me this one is reminiscent of James Holden’s classic remix of Nathan Fake’s ‘The Sky Was Ping’. This is an atypical move for Amtract given the context of his other works, but a pleasurable listen for sure. Hope to hear it on the floor this NYE.

“Planetary Love” – Francesca Lombardo  

This Italian-born, classically-trained musician carved out her own path in electronic music, criss-crossing the globe as a DJ and live performer, whilst building up a formidable back-catalogue of music. It’s a good track. I like it, I really do.