ESPN Comes Back From Commercial Early And Naturally Bill Walton Is Talking About Weed

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty)

ESPN left viewers no shortage in terms of ways to watch last night’s College Football Playoff National Championship thanks to what they called their “MegaCast.”

One of the feeds viewers could enjoy while Clemson and Alabama played out one of the greatest championship games in the history of the sport was called ESPN Voices, in which personalities from the four-letter would offer up their opinions and reactions to what was going on in real time.

One of those “voices” turned out to be Bill Walton, so we’ll assume that neither Phish nor the Grateful Dead members who still have a pulse had a show last night. ESPN partnered Walton up with fellow college basketball analyst Jay Bilas, who looked like he’d rather be jamming a screwdriver up his peehole in his grandma’s basement than be there with Walton.

Photo: Doug Pensinger (Getty)

Photo: Doug Pensinger (Getty)

Thankfully, Walton is a true American treasure and was able to pick up the slack and carry the entire broadcast, one that came back from commercial early one time and captured this gem of a sound byte in which Walton once again professed his love of marijuana:

And just in case that one didn’t do the trick, there was also this dandy:

“I like to get high.”

Yeah, no shit, Bill. We got it. We love you, but we got it.

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