New Music Video | Migos Go Fur Trapping

Photo: Kevin Mazur (Getty Images)

Is Fur Trap the next hip hop thing? If and when credit will have to be given to Migos, who go all Revenant-style in their new music video for “T-Shirt”.

Fresh off their viral sensation “Bad and Bojuee” (currently at #2 on the Hot 100), which spanned a million memes, “T-Shirt” is the second single off the Atlanta-rap group’s upcoming sophomore album, Culture. 

Directed by Migos’ own Quavo, it features the trio (Quavo, Takeoff, Offset), in snow-covered, backwoods-terrain, making deals with Yosemite Sam-types, riding snowmobiles and sipping hot chocolate with Kim K clones.

The must-see music video will undoubtedly go viral and has even drew raves from Chance the Rapper, who thinks Quavo could give Alejandro Iñárritu a run for his Oscar.