Miami Fan Punches West Virginia Fan In Bathroom Over Urinal Access

A college bowl-game bathroom nearly turned into a scene from Road House Wednesday.

Who knows who was really in line first, but two fellas gave quite a dramatic performance while fighting for a urinal during the Russell Athletic Bowl on Wednesday.

What sounds like the beginning of a bad — or awesome — joke, a West Virginia fan and a Miami fan walk into a bathroom. One threatens the other. The other responds back with a threat to pee on them. A punch is thrown. And then, the one-liner of the year.

Here’s the video’s description, which, kind of says it all:

Insanity in the men’s room at the Russell Athletic Bowl on Wednesday — when a 1-legged West Virginia fan got punched by a Miami fan … and then screamed, “I used to f**k guys like you in prison!”

Miami won the game 31-14.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.