Meet Bill In a New ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Teaser Trailer

After the annual Doctor Who Christmas special, BBC revealed the first footage of Doctor Who season 10…and this teaser is all about Bill! She may seem ordinary now, but she’s about to embark on a wild journey through space and time alongside everyone’s favorite Time Lord. How’s that for spoiler or a teaser?

Outgoing showrunner and executive producer Steven Moffat has previously said that the main character of Doctor Who is always the companion, and that means that fans will soon learn a lot more about Bill Potts, the character portrayed by former Doctors actress, Pearl Mackie. That’s right, she’s gone from Doctors to the Doctor, and that’s a definite step up in the universe!

Within the trailer, Bill asks the Doctor a few unusual questions about the TARDIS and his incredible (not to mention incredibly bizarre) existence. There’s also a few glimpses of Nardole (Matt Lucas), an unusual man who is neither a sidekick nor a companion for the Doctor. We’re not even sure why he’s there other than the fact that Lucas is a very funny man. Sometimes, that’s enough!

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What will the new season bring for Doctor and Bill? So far, the only confirmed villains in the trailer are the Daleks, who pretty much appear in every season of the Doctor Who revival. But presumably, Moffat will introduce at least a few new monsters and villains before moving on from the series after half-a-decade.

BBC has announced that Doctor Who‘s tenth season will premiere in April 2017, and new episodes likely to be run on BBC America on the same day they debut in the United Kingdom.

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Photo Credit: BBC