David Beckham Still Earns an Extortionate Amount Per Day

David Beckham may be retired from football, but that doesn’t mean that he has stopped raking in the dough. Despite no longer playing the “beautiful game” professionally, the former Manchester United man and England international still earns a jaw-dropping amount of cash, accumulated through his various advertising sponsorships and company Seven Global LLP.

It’s been estimated that Beckham has managed to earn around £71,000 a day from his multiple ventures, with his company generating an astonishing £8.6 million of profit in its first seven months. The Sun claims that while a salary breakdown is not available for the star, his profits from Seven Global LLP see him taking home £40,000, while he also reportedly earns £31,000 from the £11.4 million in profit generated by his Footworks Productions company.

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Seven Global LLP is a joint partnership between Beckham and entrepreneur Simon Fuller, which drives Beckham’s lucrative advertising career across clothing, fragrances and accessories. Beckham pays himself out of these profits, with reports suggesting that he takes home £71,000 a day after tax, although that number could be considerably higher as his other company Beckham Brand Holdings is expected to file its earnings soon.

Beckham retired from football in 2013, playing his final match for Paris Saint-Germain. He frequently branched out into advertising throughout his career, though it has now become his focus since hanging up his boot, with him having embarked upon lucrative deals with prominent brands such as H&M, with him having his own clothing line with the high street store in the form of David Beckham Bodywear.

Despite the ex-footballer’s mammoth earnings being considerably higher than the average UK wage, with median monthly earnings for full-time employees coming in at around £26,500, it’s still considerably less than what Beckham has earned in previous years. In 2014 he posted the highest earnings of his career at £50.8 million, more than he had made during the height of his footballing career.

Image Credit: Larry Marano / Getty Images