25 Star Wars Memes To Get You Pumped For Any Sequel, Prequel Or Spin-Off

In May, it will have been 40 years since Star Wars blasted onto movie screens and into the bloodstream of the world at large. Thusly, Star Wars memes have had plenty of time to accumulate on the web. Names and noises of fuzzy beasts, metallic robots, courageous heroes and heroines, exotic locations, and dark forces have burned themselves into our collective subconscious only to leave us demanding even more. Each subsequent sequel (or prequel) is met with the same frenzied anticipation one might reserve for a trip around the globe, a loved one’s wedding, or the addition of a newborn into the family.

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The latest offering in the franchise, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is no different, and will serve as an early holiday gift to the Star Wars faithful and other admirers.  In no time, new characters, faces, and places will be introduced to us — and more importantly, on toy stores shelves — joining the others in a growing line of familiars dating all the way back to 1977.  We celebrate these characters in so many ways — on Halloween, at birthday parties, at egghead conventions around the world — but they are most accessible and quickly appreciated thanks to the internet and the sprawling number of Star Wars memes that continue to populate the web.  Here, with anticipation, gratitude, and an unrelenting grudge or two, are the 25 best Star Wars memes of all time.

The 25 Best Star Wars Memes

Do you have any favorite Star Wars memes that didn’t make the cut? Luckily, that’s what the comments section is for. Sound off with any you didn’t see on this list and make a fellow nerds day.

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