Smoking Hot Volleyball Player’s Career Ends With Her Getting Smoked In The Face By The Ball

Photo: Instagram/Ryann Chandler

Odds are you missed the Division 1 Women’s Volleyball Elite 8 matchup that pitted the Golden Gophers of Minnesota against the UCLA Bruins earlier this week because you were busy doing anything else.

But that means you missed their smoking hot setter Ryann Chandler play her final collegiate game, which is a shame because this is Ryann Chandler:

But it’s the way Chandler’s career went out that’s making headlines across the country, as it looked like it was almost as much fun as sticking your penis into a woodchipper. Watch as Chandler serves the ball with the game on the line and then runs back into position to field the spike. You see, she fielded it all right. It’s just that she did so with her face:

Thankfully Chandler, who is the daughter of former NFL quarterback Chris Chandler, was able to pop back up on her feet right away, and it doesn’t look like there will be any permanent damage from that wicked shot to her face.

And that’s good news for everybody. After all, it could have been much, much worse:

Thankfully it wasn’t, and now we still get to see more of Chandler’s face thanks to her Instagram:

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