‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Casts ‘Walking Dead’ Star In Leading Role

At long last, Star Trek: Discovery has its leading lady in place. But because the person chosen for the role is a member of The Walking Dead‘s main cast, this may be a spoiler for her fate on the series. Consider yourselves warned!

According to Variety, Sonequa Martin-Green will take the lead role in Star Trek: Discovery as the first officer of the title ship. Unlike previous Star Trek series, the captain will not be the main character of Discovery, as the series will unfold from the POV of Martin-Green’s character. On The Walking Dead, Martin-Green has portrayed Sasha since the third season of the show.

Sasha The Walking Dead

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Variety is reporting that Martin-Green will continue to appear on The Walking Dead as a series regular, but let’s be real. CBS All Access wouldn’t have signed off on part-time availability for its new star. That probably means that Sasha’s death is going to occur within the remaining episodes of season 7, or she’ll pull a Heath and disappear in the way that Corey Hawkins was written out so he could be this generation’s Jack Bauer in 24: Legacy. Another possibility is that Star Trek: Discovery will be a yearly anthology series, but we suspect that’s not the case.

While Star Trek has had many roles for women, Martin-Green will be only the second woman to headline a series and the first woman of color to do so. That alone would be a major achievement, but Martin-Green has already proven herself on The Walking Dead and we’re eager to see what she can do with the Federation behind her.

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Photo Credits: CBS All Access/AMC