The New ‘Baywatch’ Movie Trailer Is Just Attractive People Running Around In Their Bikini

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Well we didn’t expect this upon waking up, but we can honestly say that it was a nice surprise: Ladies and gentlemen: The trailer for Baywatch the movie is here, and wouldn’t you know it: Everyone is great looking.

Every since we heard that Kelly Rohrbach was going to play CJ Parker (a role made famous by the great Pamela Anderson) in the new Baywatch movie we were pretty hyped. And add in the fact that Alexandra Daddari and Priyanka Chopra were going to be in it, along with the comedy chops of The Rock and we were completely on board. And now that the trailer is out, we are even more on board.

Check out the trailer below for the Baywatch movies that will be coming out you this summer.

Say what you want about how this looks, but what it comes down to is that there will be beautiful women running around for about two hours. And no one should have an issue with that. Now here’s hoping someone gives me free tickets to see this, because this assume I’m a big time player in the internet writing game.


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