Exclusive Premiere | The Struggle Is Real In Black Dylan’s New Music Video

Photo: Tania Gibson

The name Black Dylan may make music blog snobs weep, but they can relax and slowly back away from the keyboard. The Danish R&B duo of Wafande and Nuplex share more in common with C-Lo Green than Bob Dylan.

Crave is exclusively premiering Black Dylan’s “Get Up Child” music video. There’s an obvious ode to the classic Motown sound, but it doesn’t feel old as Wafande drops #firstworldproblems like “It’s the end of the month on Saturday and my head still hurts from the Alize.”

Okay, not exactly Pulitzer Prize-winning material, but it’s sleek and snappy and Wafande has a velvety smooth voice that make you want to ride it out (the girls in their jammies don’t hurt either). 

Although Wafande is a Platinum selling reggae/hip hop star in in Denmark, this is his first collaboration with longtime friend and producer Nuplex (real name Mikkel Andreas Thomsen).

Here’s what Wafande had to say about the “Get Up Child” video, “The very talented Fred Callinggard from U Itch I Scratch directed the video. We meant it as a humoristic way to illustrate ‘the struggle.’ It’s about getting up again after a long night of partying, but of course it’s metaphor for pulling yourself together and getting the most out of your life, you simply only have one.”

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