Exclusive Preview | ‘Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook’

Have you ever wanted to party in the land of Ooo with your good buddies Finn the Human and Jake the Dog? Well, you can’t! But maybe you can cook like them!

This week, Insight Editions is releasing Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook, which features several favorite dishes that have received a very Adventure Time twist, courtesy of the characters themselves. Oh sure, master chef Jordan Grosser may have put together the recipes and Christopher Hastings may have written the book, but the words are directly from the characters, honest! Plus, it helps that Hastings has also written the Adventure Time comic book series.

Within this book, you’ll find that Finn has enlisted the help of Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and the other residents of Ooo to reassemble the contents of a cookbook he discovered on a lost island. Along the way, you’ll get to read Jake’s take on Bacon Pancakes while Marceline takes on french fries. But for CraveOnline’s exclusive recipe, we’re running Jake’s Ultimate Cheesy Nachos. If you can’t read the text, click on the image for a larger view!


Adventure Time Cookbook Ultimate Cheesy Nachos

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Note that Jake shares a story about his date with Lady that didn’t end well when he asked for nachos off the menu. You may have also noticed that the photo made the Ultimate Cheesy Nachos look very enticing. That’s the work of photographer Andria Lo, who teamed up with Hastings and Grosser for this book.

Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook is out in bookstores everywhere.

Test out the recipe for the Adventure Time Ultimate Cheesy Nachos and let us know how they came out in the comment section below!

Photo Credits: All images provided by Insight Editions