Fetty Wap’s ‘Flip Phone’ Traffics in Stock Rhymes and Visuals

Flashy jewelry flashed for the camera? Check. Wads of cash pointedly splayed? Check. Random members of the crew nonchalantly flipping the bird? Check. Prominent product-placement of the bottle of Hennessy in a symbiotic bit of brand-building? Check, and check. Fetty Wap’s latest video “Flip Phone” (a track that actually doesn’t appear on his newly dropped mixtape Zoovier,) is a rote distillation of roughly every Horatio Alger-themed rap video of the last twenty or so years. A slightly more glossed up version of a home movie, the clip splices footage of Fetty in the recording studio laying down the track with footage of his crew dancing, mean mugging the camera, and wallowing in the trappings of excessive wealth, as Fetty raps about all of the above. It was shot by @mastermindyrichy.

Top image is a still from the video.