The ‘Workaholics’ Writers Have Compiled A Huge List Of Jokes That Need To Be Retired

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Certain jokes and phrases used under specific circumstances have been done to death. For example, “If you love ___ so much, why don’t you marry ___” immediately comes to mind, but surely there have to be loads of others that have long since worn out there welcome.

….oh, there’s literally close to 100 of them according to the Workaholics writers’ room? Well that explains why I’m in the middle of writing an article.

That’s right, since Season Two of the long-running Comedy Central series, executive producer John Quaintance and crew have been writing down all the one-liners and once clever quips that have been cliché for almost as long as they were funny — maybe even longer than that. Once you actually go through the list Quaintance tweeted photos of below, it will be hard to argue. After all, if you’re still saying “I love lamp” and expecting laughs, then perhaps comedy just isn’t your thing.

The Workaholics Writers’ Room Retired Jokes List:

And here’s a closer look at those boards:

Photo: Twitter / John_Quaintance

Photo: Twitter / John_Quaintance

Adam Devine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm will return for the finale season of Workaholics in January 2017.

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