Getting Weird With ‘Workaholics’ Adam, Anders and Blake

Photo by Clayton “Le Panda” Woodley at party hosted by The Black Keys and Peligroso Tequila

It truly appears that the guys from Comedy Central’s hit show Workaholics are living the dream. The three of them – Adam DeVine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson, along with co-creator and director Kyle Newacheck – have seen their popularity skyrocket in the last two years while doing something they all love: writing and starring in their own TV show. Workaholics is midway through part two of its third season, and with recent news that Comedy Central has ordered 13-episode fourth and fifth seasons, along with highly anticipated cameos on the upcoming new season of Arrested Development, there is a lot going on for Adam, Blake and Ders. We had a chance to talk to them about all of it, starting with this photo of them at a Grammy Awards after-party hosted by The Black Keys.

On Being at The Black Keys’ Grammys After-Party

ADAM: Ders was spinning. He had a little DJ sesh, on the 1’s and 2’s. Well, mostly the iPod, but a couple 1’s and 2’s. And Blake and I just got drunk.

ANDERS: It was awesome.

ADAM: And also, that’s my new thing now: I wear gloves. It was literally really cold so I put on gloves and I didn’t take them off and everyone thought I was a weird fashion guy. So now I have to start rumors about myself that I’m a cool, weird fashion guy.

On the Mid-Season 3 Premiere’s Introduction of the Bill Character

BLAKE: It’s actually called Season 3B because the B stands for Bill. We’re putting the whole entire show on that man’s shoulders. We really believe in him.

ADAM: You’ll see a little bit more of Bill this season. Not a ton. That first episode of 3B was definitely his bright and shining moment for sure, but he’s so good and such a character. I have a feeling that – Jet Set rest in peace, since he is no longer with us – we are going to be writing more for Bill.

On Working With Daniel Stern

BLAKE: Personally, I think he was my favorite guest star we’ve had. He is really such a down-to-earth, knowledgeable father figure. I was ready for him to adopt me by the end of the episode.

ADAM: He was so cool. He was like the nicest guy and exactly what Blake said. He had good advice because he’s been in this business forever, and he knew what was up and basically told us to keep Workaholics going for as long as we can and as long as we are feeling creative and satisfied, just to keep it going. So I think we’re gonna try to take his advice.

ANDERS: Twenty years is what we’re thinking.

ADAM: We are shooting for 20 years of fantastic episodes, but I feel like by the start of season 10 or so the crowd may not be with us because we’ll be old, but we can still be like, “We just graduated college!” And maybe by season 15, I’ll finally get to bang Alice.

Who the Guys Would Love to Have Guest Star in the Future

ANDERS: Jamie Foxx.

BLAKE: Metta World Peace.

ADAM: I wouldn’t mind getting Denzel Washington up in the mix.

ANDERS: Joey Pants.

ADAM: And Howard Stern would be fucking cool.

BLAKE: Channing Tatum.

ADAM: Channing Tatum is my older brother, actually, and I’m just so bummed because my body can never look like that.

On Who Is Next to Go Nude for the Camera and Potentially Humiliate Themselves

BLAKE: Well that was a very proud moment for me, so I don’t know how humiliating it was. I don’t know if you’ve been naked in front of hundreds of people, but it’s pretty fun, okay?!

ANDERS: Small dicks are the new big dicks, man. Small dicks are the new black.

BLAKE: We’re pretty stupid the rest of the season, so I think you can expect us all embarrassing ourselves.

ANDERS: I have a nice scene with Kyle, or Karl on the show, at the end of the season that gets a little risqué.

ADAM: Sexy, steamy action. He was fully erect the whole time; I was watching the monitor.

ANDERS: Yeah man, full force, fully engorged comedy is what we’re bringing.

BLAKE: Fully torqued tight butthole.

On Betting on Sports

ADAM: I put money down on basketball games between buddies or whatever, but …

BLAKE: It’s a slippery slope, man.

ADAM: For sure. There are so many ways you can bet; now that I finally have money, I’m gonna try to keep a hold of it as much as I can.

ANDERS: Stay tuned.

Their Favorite Comedies (Mike Myers Movies Excluded)

BLAKE: The Naked Gun. That’s probably my favorite comedy of all time. I love that movie.

ANDERS: Ghostbusters. The first one. 2 is good but I’m a 1 guy, I’m gonna put it all out there on 1.

ADAM: Demolition Man. No, I don’t know, maybe Tommy Boy. I really like Tommy Boy, I think it does a good job … (Blake interrupts with a huge burp).

BLAKE: That was me, sorry.

ANDERS: That’s Blake showing his approval.

(The guys start mimicking the Home Improvement theme song).

The Shittiest Jobs They Have Ever Had in Their Real Lives

ANDERS: Telemarketing.

ADAM: Yeah, both Ders and I did telemarketing. That’s kind of why we decided on doing that for the show. Because its just such a sad, depressing existence. We thought it would be the perfect place for our characters just to not give a fuck about their work. And then it is just inherently funny when someone does, like when Montez truly cares about his job you’re like, “Oh, that’s sad.”

BLAKE: I pretty much liked all my jobs. I worked at a butcher shop. That could be nasty at times but it had its perks; you get to take home a lot of pasta salad and tri-tip. And being around those carcasses, you start to love the blood.

On Whether There Are Any Topics Off Limits to Make Fun of Each Other About

ADAM: Blake’s wig. But we’re not allowed to talk about it.

BLAKE: Adam! Oh great, it’s out now. It’s out now, dammit! Other than that, we pretty much know everything about each other and every inch of each others’ bodies so there’s really not much left to be said.

ANDERS: It’s not even funny anymore.

ADAM: We don’t have any of those hangups. We do know everything about each other so we talk about anything and it doesn’t matter.

On Whether Or Not Adam Will Change Because of His New Movie Star Status

ANDERS: Oh, things have already changed.

BLAKE: This dude is a divooo!

ADAM: Yeah, I wear gloves when I go out and I’m wearing a cape right now. It’s changing all the time and they can’t stop me.

On Blake’s Broken Back (HuffPo)

ADAM: Both Ders and I were standing directly underneath where Blake jumped and were like, “Blake, don’t do that, no, don’t do that, man, no, oh no, don’t do that!” And then he jumped.

BLAKE: Sorry!

ADAM: And I’m such a dick. He is in so much pain and I’m helping him walk upstairs, you know, because he broke his back, but I was just like, “You’re all good, bro. I’ve hurt my back before, it’s just a strain. Just lay down and you’ll be all good.” I’m a horrible friend.

BLAKE: I still can’t walk. Everything you see on Workaholics, I’m CGI’ed in.

ADAM: He is like FDR, we have to prop him up to do any sort of bit. It’s really sad, actually.

ANDERS: You know about FDR, right?

ADAM: I like to throw out a lot of 15th president knowledge. Is he the 15th president?

ANDERS: 21st maybe? That’s what they said in Die Hard 3.

ADAM: I like how I’m looking up Franklin Delano Roosevelt now and the last thing I looked up was Smash Mouth lyrics.

BLAKE (singing): “Somebody once told me…”

ADAM: 32nd president! I was way off. Don’t worry guys, I got it.

Famous Workaholics Fans, Other Than The Black Keys and Mitch Hurwitz

BLAKE: Oprah’s really huge for us.

ADAM: And Michelle Obama can’t get enough. Mostly those two.

ANDERS: Older black women love us.

BLAKE: And RuPaul, who is kind of in the same group.

The Biggest Celebrities They Have Slept With Now That They Are Famous Themselves

ADAM: Rebel Wilson. Totally kidding. No, people are married and I have a girlfriend so we are totally blowing it. We should be banging more celebrity chicks but instead we found true love. It’s a double-edged sword.

The Biggest Celebrities They Have Had the Opportunity to Sleep With

ANDERS: Oh, we got chances with everybody, dude.

BLAKE: Yeah, man, we walk into celebrity events like Grammy parties and basically we are ducking out right away because it’s too much.

ADAM: Yeah, there’s just gaping mouths throwing themselves toward our man areas. You know, Rihanna, Paris Hilton….’s sister, Nicky. The list could go on if I could remember more than two celebrities right now.

ANDERS: Taylor Swift.

(At this point, their publicist justly ends the interview).

New episodes of Workaholics are on Wednesdays at 10/9c. For more from the guys, follow Adam, Anders and Blake on Twitter.


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