Terry Crews Wants to Voice Overwatch Character Doomfist

Terry Crews has responded to the suggestion that he should provide the voice work for Overwatch hero Doomfist, saying that he’d “love” to take on the role.

Doomfist is expected to be the next Overwatch hero announced by Blizzard, with the character already referenced in the game’s lore and nods to him appearing in the map Numbani. A recent thread on the Overwatch subreddit saw fans discussing how they’d want actor Terry Crews to be hired to provide the character’s voiceover work, with Crews personally responding to their suggestions.

Posting from his official Reddit account, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor wrote: “I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST.” The comment marks the first time Crews has posted to Reddit in over a year, so he is clearly very interested in voicing the character if Blizzard plans to eventually introduce him into Overwatch‘s line-up. Blizzard previously stated that they were working on two heroes before the developer officially debuted Sombra, so many have speculated that Doomfist was the second hero they were referencing.

Doomfist is the moniker given to a group of individuals who wielded a powerful gauntlet of the same name, with there currently existing a Doomfist in the game’s story who is looking to disrupt the Omnic-human relations, inciting violence in the Overwatch world. Doomfist was originally intended to be a minor story element of the game, though fans have taken to the character so much that Blizzard confirmed that they were contemplating including him as a playable hero.

Meanwhile, Crews’ recent foray into PC gaming has seen him attract plenty of new followers online, with him having uploaded videos of him building his rig and even starting up his own Twitch channel. He even posted to Facebook last week to tell his followers to “cancel your plans for this weekend,” posting a link to the Overwatch free weekend that took place from November 18 – 21.