Teacher Breaks Up Student Fight With Impressive UFC Style Chokehold

I miss the days of wholesome mannequin challenge videos already.

The following incident involving two high school kids duking it out in the classroom starts like so many before it. The rage builds to a boiling point between the pair until one finally snaps. A shoving match soon turns to fisticuffs, and then it’s time to hit the floor. I’ll be honest, the scuffle goes on entirely too long before any sort of intervention takes place. Once it does, however, it’s game over — or “night-night” as the teacher puts it.

Teacher Breaks Up Student Fight with Chokehold:

Why no fellow students tried to step in and end this brawl isn’t immediately clear, but what is fairly obvious is that phones in the classroom aren’t strictly forbidden, as the whole thing is captured on video — complete with commentary — from start to finish. Perhaps the teacher was too busy looking up submission moves and their accompanying one-liners to notice. But hey, if there’s one positive we can take away with us, it’s that at least no one yelled “Worldstar” for the entire two-minute duration. That’s something we can all be proud of.

By the way, can someone tell that girl in the background what happened already?

h/t BroBible

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