Exclusive Preview | ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ # 3

There’s a new Cold War in space, but that’s the starting point for Hadrian’s Wall; an Image Comics miniseries from writers Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel, as well as artist Rod Reis. Collectively, that trio previously collaborated on C.O.W.L., and now they’ve plunged readers into a murder mystery in outer space.

Edward Madigan dired horribly in space, and as much as Simon Moore might like to take the money and run, he can’t ignore the evidence that Edward was killed by one of the crew of Hadrian’s Wall. There are only a handful of people who could have murdered Edward, including Annabelle, Simon’s ex-wife and Edward’s widow. Simon has every reason to hate Edward (including the fact that Edward shot him four times), but he’s not rubberstamping the investigation. In retaliation, the murderer has flushed Simon’s supply of painkillers, and he’s about to go through some nasty withdrawal symptoms.

CraveOnline’s exclusive preview of Hadrian’s Wall # 3 finds Simon struggling to cope with the increasing pain as the ship’s captain challenges his investigation.

Hadrian's Wall 3 page 1Hadrian's Wall 3 page 2Hadrian's Wall 3 page 3Hadrian's Wall 3 page 4Hadrian's Wall 3 page 5Hadrian's Wall 3 cover

“A big turn in the case, a big new suspect, a big twist as to who Simon Moore really is… Issue 3 is an important one,” Higgins told Crave. “And, as always, it’s realized beautifully by the mega talent that is Rod Reis. Seriously. Has outer space ever looked better?”

Hadrian’s Wall # 3 is out in comic book stores today, Wednesday, November 16.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by Image Comics