Exclusive Preview | ‘Salem’ Season 3 Episode 3

On WGN America’s original series, Salem, it may be time to pity poor Mary Sibley. Mary is already facing death again only a short time after she was brought back to life!

Mary was unwillingly resurrected by the Essex witches, who impressed upon her the need to murder her son. Since Mary’s son is basically the devil himself, that’s no easy task! But for the sake of John Alden, Mary accepted the task and attempted to ingratiate herself with her demonic offspring. But when she tried to drown him, it turned out to be a trap laid out by the Sentinel. As for John, he’ll have his hands full protecting the people of Salem from a Native American tribe which has apparently discovered a way to cheat death as well.

CraveOnline has an exclusive preview from the third episode of Salem season 3, which finds Mary receiving her punishment for her attempted betrayal. Think of it as a 17th century Google Cardboard experience. Either way, the Sentinel has locked Mary into a personal Hell that she may not be able to easily escape.

Here’s the extended description of tomorrow night’s episode from WGN America:

In “The Reckoning” – written by Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson and directed by Wayne Yip (“Utopia”) –The Sentinel wants to kill Mary for her actions but the Boy has a greater punishment in mind, a reckoning. Cotton gathers the necessary supplies to eradicate Brown Jenkins from his body. Meanwhile, Isaac continues to seek justice for the dead man he found. Later, Mary’s reckoning begins…

The next episode of Salem season 3 will be broadcast on Wednesday, November 16 at 9:00 pm ET/PT, only on WGN America.

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Photo Credit: WGN America