Guy Passes Out 4 Times On Slingshot Ride

I don’t know who really sees being shot into the sky as amusement, but apparently some people do because they’ve been brave enough to ride the Slingshot ride — a ride that many, many people have passed on, but the poor dude in this video decided to do it not once, not twice, but four damn times.

The girl who passed out twice on this ride now has nothing to feel embarrassed about because this guy’s body couldn’t handle this ride at all. While the video says he passes out three times, he in fact passes out four times, so check it out below in all its glory.

Guy Passes Out 4 Times On Slingshot Ride

Man, this dude passed out right from the get-go, and then goes back and forth from pure joy to passing out again. This was his hell, and he tried to cover it all up by asking his gal there if she’s OK. In reality, he was slowly dying. Well, at least he made it by, so that’s something, I guess.

And at least he wasn’t on this amusement park ride that had it’s cable snap.

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