Exclusive Preview | ‘Old Man Logan’ # 13

Ever since Old Man Logan survived the Secret Wars, he’s been hellbent on ensuring that his future never comes to pass! The man formerly known as Wolverine has emerged in the main Marvel Universe, which is currently without its own version of Logan. And while Old Man Logan has stepped up to take his counterpart’s role in the X-Men, he’s still worried that this world could become very much like the one he left behind.

Logan’s latest target was his longtime adversary, Lady Deathstrike, and he hunted her all the way to Japan before they encountered the Silent Order, a deadly cult of warrior monks. Their leader is a young boy with incredible powers who has foreseen his death at the hands of OML in the dark future from which he hails. And now Logan and Lady Deathstrike are both targets of the Silent Order’s rage.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Old Man Logan # 13, the title character and Lady Deathstrike find themselves on the same side as they try to escape with their lives. But the Silent Order’s leader has a more explosive solution in mind, and he may have seen Akira a few too many times…

Old Man Logan 13 page 1Old Man Logan 13 page 2Old Man Logan 13 page 3Old Man Logan 13 pages 4 and 5 Old Man Logan 13 cover

This issue was written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Andrea Sorrentino and colors by Marcelo Maiolo. Here’s Marvel’s official description:

“THE FINAL CHAPTER OF “THE LAST RONIN Confronted by his past and the horrors that he has faced, can LOGAN ever hope to be truly free of the WASTELANDS? Will MAUREEN forgive him if she learns the truth of who Logan used to be? Will the Silent Order succeed in their goals? Find out in The Last Ronin Part Five: The Wolverine.”

Old Man Logan # 13 will be released on Wednesday, November 16.

Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics.