The Topics You Didn’t Know Needed Covering: The Beaverton Premieres November 9th

The Comedy Network’s new original satirical series The Beaverton will premiere on Wednesday November 9th at 10:30pm, conveniently debuting the night after the U.S. presidential election and leading into The Daily Show. Helmed by co-hosts Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas, the 13-episode, half-hour satirical series features “hard-hitting” news reporter Aisha Alfa; resident provocateur Donavon Stinson; delightfully corrupt financial correspondent Laura Cilevitz; and sharp-tongued foreign correspondent, Marilla Wex. The two performers, along with co-creator Luke Gordon Field, sat down for a candid discussion on the show as well as how their plans for the premiere.

CraveOnline: So this is an exciting time to be chatting, right after the US election. Do you do the show live? How did you produce tonight’s premiere?

Luke Gordon Field: Last week we recorded two versions of our first episode – one we thought would happen and one that is airing tonight.

What can viewers expect from this series?

Emma Hunter: We’ve taken a new spin on the way the satirical news handles Canadian politics. We’re not afraid to do anything – we’ll take on any scandal or hot button taboo topic. It’s a tougher take on a previous model, and it’s not only Canadian politics but it’s an international forum with a Canadian spin. We have very witty, brilliant people on the right side of history, so we’ve got a great show for Canada but for anywhere else as well.

Miguel and I are performers and the bulk of the writing was done by an incredible team who create masterpieces of comedy.

Miguel Rivas: The writers did a kind job including us in the writing process as they went along. They’re the writers but they brought us in to review material, and as we were taping, we were involved in helping shape how we’d say everything.

Luke: A lot of what you see on screen is an idea they put in their own voice. With Miguel and Emma, a lot of the show is in their performance and they play exaggerated versions of themselves.

And what are you doing during the premiere – are you watching it together?

Emma: We’re having a PAR-TAY!

Miguel: We’ll watch it together as a group and talk about the new world we live in and how we’re on TV now. It’s going to a wild night!


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