Exclusive Premiere | Elephante Unplugged

A good alias reveals who you really are whether you’re a superhero, villain or DJ. Elephante says everything you need to know about Tim Wu.

The Anne Arbor Michigan native, trained as a classically trained pianist, playing in high school and college bands. Upon graduating from Harvard, Wu took a desk job, but soon realized that the corporate lifestyle was not for him.

After much internal debate, Wu embraced the “elephant in the room,” which was his desire to break free from the monotonous 9-5 routine and make music. Thus, Elephante was born. 

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The young DJ burst onto the dance music scene with “Age Of Innocence”. Released independently as a free download, the single reached #18 on the Billboard Dance/Club Chart and racked up over a million plays on Spotify alone.

Crave is exclusively premiering Elephante’s acoustic version of a new single “Plans” featuring Brandyn Burnette. Although Elephante has drawn comparisions to Alesso, Madeon and Avicii, Wu shows a softer and gentler side with this stripped down, torch-bearing, unplugged version built around Burnette’s vocals. 

Here’s what Elephante had to say about it, “When Brandyn and I first wrote the song, we wrote it acoustic — just keyboard, guitar, and vocals, and we actually cut the first demo live. I actually had no idea what I was going to do with the production, so “Plans” has always lived in my head as an acoustic song that happens to have electronic elements over it. Plus, Brandyn is such an incredible and passionate performer, I really wanted to do a raw version of the song that captured that. The song is also just such a beautiful tune, I think it’s a mark of a good song if you can do it without all the bells and whistles and still have it move people. Most importantly, I was messing around and sent a sketch of the acoustic version to my Mom, and she really liked it so that’s what really counts.” 

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