Marriott TownePlace Suites Orlando Offers New Options for Disney Travelers

In the Disney-dominated realm of Orlando in Central Florida, there are scores of unique hotels — each with a gimmick or a theme often tied to the whimsical themes and re-creations The Mouse is famous for around the world. For a new Marriott hotel in that neighborhood, the gimmick is not offering a gimmick — just a prime location on Disney’s doorstep.

The Marriott TownePlace Suites at Flamingo Crossings/Western Entrance is the only non-Disney hotel situated on land within the Disney park system. There are plenty of hotels around the Disney space owned by other companies, but this TownePlace Suites resides on Disney real estate, so to speak — five to 10 minutes drive from The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood, etc.

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The minds behind Marriott essentially worked out a deal with Disney to build this 250-room TownePlace Suites complex (the largest in the hotel’s line to date) in Mickey Mouse’s yard with cooperation from the Disney resorts. The same professionals who overlook Orlando Disney spaces like the Polynesian or the Coronado Springs had a say in approving aspects of the Flamingo Crossings property.

In return for that input, Disney put an official ticket center in the Marriott hotel where visitors can purchase access to any official attraction in the area. The TownePlace Suites is also on the official Disney Shuttle Line, providing guests free rides to and from the various theme parks throughout the day. It almost plays out like a happy animated movie in which the lonely Marriott hotel is adopted by Disney and made part of the family.

Then, it’s mother is shot dead. No. That’s Bambi. Never mind.

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What’s in it for Disney to allow the TownePlace Suites on its pitch? A hotel like Marriott’s offering provides relief from room overflow with the official Disney joints. That means every room at the established Disney Orlando resorts could be booked solid, and Disney would still enjoy 250 more rooms of tourists looking to buy tickets to their favorite theme parks.

For its part, this Marriott TownePlace Suites (and its neighboring sister property, SpringHill Suites) is essentially a brand new hotel — and its staff stays on top of things to keep looking that way. Clean and conveniently laid out, the hotel offers safe haven from the hustle of the parks even at or near full capacity.

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There’s a large outdoor pool and a complete fitness center. The Flamingo Bar and Grill offers a small, but functional menu with a friendly staff. Like many Marriott properties, you get free hot breakfast and access to outdoor grills.

The guest rooms and suites range in size and cost, creating ample variety for everyone from the individual traveler to the big family come south to live their Disney dreams. Such dreams can be expensive as Disney isn’t known for giving tickets away for free, so the TownePlace Suites competitive room rates offer relief from Mouseketeer prices.

Since this is a suites hotel, there are always implements in place for longterm stays. That makes the TownePlace a good option for professionals working in the Disney area or anyone needing to stay for more than a weekend. Guests can reserve rooms with fully functioning kitchens, allowing guests to save a little more money making their own meals.

While the TownePlace Suites doesn’t have all of the bangs and whistles of the largest Disney hotels in the area, it has enough to make anyone comfortable when they’re not storming the parks. The designers of this Marriott venue realize people don’t come to Disney World to sit around a hotel. But, when they do, this TownePlace Suites has everyone they’ll need.

And, then it’s mother is abducted, forcing the hotel to struggle to survive on its own in the circus. No. That’s Dumbo. Never mind.