Ricky Eat Acid’s Video for ‘Never Alone in a Dark Room’ is a Mini Indie-Film

Elliptical and vaguely impressionistic, with the slightest shimmer of a storyline, Ricky Eat Acid’s video for “Never Alone in a Dark Room” features a pretty moody woman emoting darkly, flashes of her breasts, close-ups of a hand holding a cigarette, and the blood from a dead body being used as paint. What should come off as gratingly pretentious (and s Cuisinart of over familiar images and ideas) is instead moving and hypnotic. A large part of that is due to the sparse, moody track that unfolds in the background. It feels more like a commissioned score than the featured product, bringing to mind the seamless fusion of sound and image you might find in a Sofia Coppola flick.

Top image courtesy Biz3.net