Exclusive Video | Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Director Talks Innovation, PS4 Pro and Conor McGregor

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a big moment for the franchise. With publishers Activision having enlisted its army of developers to routinely switch the setting for the series, Infinite Warfare presents their biggest gamble thus far, with long-time collaborators and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare devs Infinity Ward taking the next iteration out of this world… literally.

Infinite Warfare technically isn’t Call of Duty‘s first voyage into space (who can forget Modern Warfare 2‘s infamous nuke scene?), but it will be the first time that the series has featured space combat. That includes players being able to man spacecraft, float above the Earth’s atmosphere with a weapon in hand and, yes, mow down enemies in zero gravity. Considering that many Call of Duty players have been lobbying for “boots on the ground” gameplay, i.e. a return to the more “realistic” style of Call of Duty games past, this leap into the stars is certainly a risky move.

However, the confidence in which Infinity Ward believes that they can pull off this change is pace is infectious, and certainly suggests that this could well be the innovation that the series needs at this point. Speaking in an exclusive video interview with CraveOnline, Infinite Warfare’s narrative director Taylor Kurosaki explained to us exactly why Infinite Warfare will work, and why Call of Duty fans will appreciate the changes that have been made this time around.

Along with outlining his thoughts on the improvements the PS4 Pro will grant the game, Kurosaki also described to us a particularly scary confrontation he had with Conor McGregor, and provided more details regarding the UFC champions role in the game. We also got to see a little behind the scenes action of Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington rehearsing for his role as Infinite Warfare‘s antagonist, along with some brand new and exclusive footage from the upcoming FPS.

Check out the interview below: