Exclusive Preview | ‘Rise of the Black Flame’ # 3

Throughout the comic book history of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., there have multiple adversaries who took on the mantle of the Black Flame. Now, Mignola and his co-writer, Chris Roberson are tackling the origin of the Black Flame alongside artist Christopher Mitten. And it’s a path that leads all the way back to 1923!

In the early issues of Rise of the Black Flame, British Colonial Burma was rocked by the abduction of Emily Aylesworth and other children by the murderous cult of the Black Flame. Sergeant Geoffrey McAllister and Constable A.N. Sandhu followed the trail of the kidnapped girls to Siam, where they were joined by occult investigator Sarah Jewell, and her companion, Marie-Thérèse LaFleur. But to lead them through the jungle, they turned to Farang, a man whose life may have already been touched by a dark goddess.

CraveOnline has an exclusive preview of this week’s Rise of the Black Flame # 3, which finds this unlikely coalition of allies at the foot of a temple that may be connected to the Black Flame. But only death and darkness await them, as the race to save the children is running out of time. Make no mistake, the Black Flame will rise. The past is the past, and there’s no stopping it now. The real question is how many victims will be claimed along the way.


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Here’s the official description of the issue from Dark Horse Comics:

“In an ancient temple lost deep in the jungle, the heroes find proof of the rumored human sacrifices and answers about the Cult of the Black Flame.”

Rise of the Black Flame # 3 will be released this Wednesday, November 2, in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Dark Horse Comics