New Music | Refused Are Back From The Dead Again

Photo: Scott Legato (Getty Images)

Swedish hardcore band Refused are having a nice second act. After calling it quits in 1998, the avant punk band reunited out of thin air, playing festivals and releasing a new album, Freedom, in almost two decades and first since the seminal, The Shape of Punk to Come. 

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Now, Refused have announced an upcoming EP, Servants of Death. Arriving on November 25 aka Record Store Day, Servants of Death features studio tracks of the EP’s title song and “Stolen Voices”, an unreleased song from their Freedom recording sessions, which was only available on the Japanese version of the album.

In addition, there will be four live performances from the four-piece’s 2015 European tour that capture their trademark live wire act in all their sound and fury. For more information on Refused go here


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