Watch What Happens When Some Dude Dresses Up As His Dog’s Favorite Toy

We here at Mandatory love dogs, which is why we shared the worst, most hilarious haircuts dogs have gotten, as well as photos of dogs sitting on other dogs. And now we have this little gem for you all that may become your favorite video.

A video featuring a dog whose favorite toy is a chewable Gumby doll has been viewed more than four million times in less than 24 hours, and that’s probably because it’s one of the cutest dog videos you’ll ever see.

Apparently there is no way to top the joy this dog experiences when it becomes one with her miniature Gumby. Well, that is until her owner decided to dress up in a Gumby costume and surprise her in the living room. After a brief moment of “you have got to be shitting me,” the dog becomes so overjoyed with delight that she can no longer contain her excitement. Take a look at the video below thanks to Emily Crisp:

Of course I can’t help but think a video of the dog going for the real-life Gumby’s genitals, biting down hard and then ripping out all of the white stuffing, which is the preferred method amongst 100 percent of the dogs I’ve ever owned when it comes to their toys, would have captured a few million views as well.

But hey, this one features a much happier ending than that scenario, which is nice to see from time to time these days.

h/t Barstool Sports

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