Kate Beckinsale Talks About Her Favorite Hobby Involving Penises All While Wearing A See-Through Top

Photo: NBC

Is this groundbreaking news? Earth-shattering? Will the masses rush to hear Kate Beckinsale speak? No, but I will, and I’m not ashamed (well, maybe a little).

We already know that Beckinsale’s vampire character in Underworld is one of the best movie vampires ever, but now we know that Kate sure loves to talk about penis. Hell, she even dressed up as one way back when. And last night she revealed one of her favorite hobbies. Of course, it includes penis.

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Photo: NBC/YouTube

Beckinsale showed up to Late Night With Seth Meyers and talked about one of her favorite secret hobbies: Turning fruit into penises.

“It’s not hard. It’s not hard in the sense that it’s not difficult,” Beckinsale tells Meyers. “You do have to have an eye and you do obviously have to have a desire to do it, which I have in spades. I do that quite a lot.”

Oh, and she talks about all this while wearing one hot outfit. Check out the video below:

Let’s just all agree that this woman is a dream. Let’s also agree that more people would watch Meyers’ show if Beckinsale was on it more often. Like say, I don’t know, every night.

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