Tom Hanks Still Knows The Rap From ‘Big’ And He Proved It In This Video

Tom Hanks can do no wrong (OK, he’s been in some duds), but it’s hard to dislike the Oscar winner, as he’s everyone’s dad. And while he’s been in tons of acclaimed movies, one of his most memorable ones to this day is the 1988 comedy classic Big. Sure, there were tons of important comedies from the ’80s, but this Hanks classic still stands out to me, and one of the reasons is the fantastic rap Hanks’ character does in the film to prove to his best friend that he’s who he says he is.

Take a look at it below for a reminder:

And guess what? Almost 30 years later Hanks still remembers it.

Welsey Chan and Philip Wang from YouTube met up with Hanks during their press junket for Hanks’ new film Inferno. And of course, Chan and Wang (oh, grow up…I laughed, too) asked Hanks if he could recite that memorable little song with them, and without hesitation Hanks said yes, because that’s just the way he is. Head over to 3:40 to see Hanks kick it off.

Hanks still remembers it because he told  Jonathan Ross in a 2009 interview that the rap was something his son learned at summer camp that he then inserted into the film. Fun facts are fun.

h/t Daily Dot

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