What People Do In Horror Movies VS. Real Life

Photo: Todd Warnock (Getty)

As an avid fan of horror movies, I often get frustrated by the terrible decisions characters make in movies and shows. If anything, Scream should have taught us that when a killer enters your home, you run out the front door instead of up the stairs. Of course, it’s easy for us to make those observations because we’re not the ones being chased by a killer wielding a machete. But what about all those little, dumb decisions characters make on a near constant basis? For example, if a priest ran out of your home because he was so terrified of the demonic activity he sensed, would you really just write it off as paranoia and go back to your daily routine? NO. You’d call off work and spend the next week soaking you and your children in holy water. It’s crazy! So with that in mind, here are the things people do in horror movies verses what people would actually do in real life.

What People Do In Horror Movies VS. Real Life:

horror movies vs real life

It turns out the best way to survive a horror movie scenarios is to be smart enough to not let it become one. Who would have thought?

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