Alternate ‘The Walking Dead’ Death Scene Leaks After Last Night’s Premiere

Photo: AMC


Fans of The Walking Dead TV series on AMC are likely still reeling today from the deaths in last night’s Season 7 premiere. That’s right, we said deaths — plural. After months of speculation, it was revealed that not just one long-standing character was taken out at the hands — or rather, bat — of Negan, but two. Following what could be considered the fake out death scene of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), the creators went ahead with the way things played out in the show’s comic book counterpart and laid waste to fan favorite Glenn (Steven Yeun). Worst of all, this happened right in front of his pregnant wife Maggie.

But things could have played out quite the opposite if the following leaked video is to be taken at face value. In it, Negan’s “eenie meenies” don’t land on Abe for the first kill, but rather Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Fortunately for Glenn, he appears to at least get knocked out before his other half takes a wallop — or two, or three — from Lucille.

The Walking Dead Leaked Death Scene: Negan Kills Maggie:

So what do you think? Would your stomach be feeling any better if Negan took out Maggie and her unborn child instead? We can’t imagine so. Even if things had gone this way, it’s likely stupid Daryl still would have wound up getting Glenn killed anyways.

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