Host Andrew Younghusband Talks Season 12 Of Canada’s Worst Driver

Canada’s Worst Driver returns to headline Mondays on Discovery with some of the worst drivers yet for Season 12 – the series is ranked as the most-watched Canadian series on entertainment specialty television last season. And then, from the makers of Canada’s Worst Driver, Younghusband embarks on a new mission to push the limits on Tougher Than It Looks?, Discovery’s next original Canadian series – Younghusband delves into the toughest jobs, attempts to tackle terrifying heights, extreme sports, small spaces, and strange hobbies. Here’s what the host-veteran had to say about taking the helm of another season of bad drivers and embarking on new adventures with his recent series.

CraveOnline: Tell us about the new season of Canada’s Worst Driver.

Andrew Younghusband: What sets this year apart is we’re comparing Canadian driving cultures to other cultures internationally. We’re looking at how drivers get their licenses, how they’re taught, what the road rules are, and generally we’re focusing on ways we’re not safe.

For example, in Scandinavian countries, you need to take ice driving classes and tests as well as night driving classes and tests. In the United Arab Emirates, you must take a certain number of classes before getting your license, and this is true for many parts of the world.

Why are people so hooked on watching bad drivers?

There are a number of reasons: first and foremost, everyone has an opinion on driving because it affects everyone’s life. Even kids have an inherent belief that they’re better drivers. We all say, “I could do that,” and we enjoy watching people screw up on a closed course – although it’s not so much fun on the highway. Knowing everyone is safe, it’s great fun watching people screw up. And the close-up of a scared person is oddly fun to watch.

I think what makes the show successful is the education the audience gets is real and people go “Oh, I didn’t know that was the trick to parallel parking.”

And it’s a great show for all ages…

People write to me on Facebook regularly with their kids in battery-powered cars and they create Canada’s Worst Driver courses!

What kind of a driver are you?

I’m a good driver but that was not true when I got the job. I became a good driver through the show. I was the “TV boy” so I didn’t care about driving, to the degree that I didn’t get a license until I was 27-28 years old. I was living in Vancouver and drove back to Newfoundland, and had had my license for 10 days at that point. All the people who come in say, “You don’t know how bad I was,” and I can say “I’m aware.” I’m the poster boy.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m an excellent cook. I would love to do a cooking show. I’m a big outdoor cook – I built a big pizza oven and spit out at the cottage, and me and my brother talk about getting an open fire cooking show.

And tell us about the new series Tougher Than It Looks?

I’m going across the country and through The States, hanging out with experts who do dangerous things yet make them look easy. For example, I did a lumberjack games in BC where I’m with world champions axe swingers, I went to stunt school in Florida and learned what it was like to be lit on fire from head to toe and fall 30 feet onto airbags – it was really fun. I got to hang out with people who are world-class either at their job or their hobby or lifestyle. It’s a thrill-seeker’s dream.

The season premiere of Canada’s Worst Driver airs Mondays at 10pm followed by the network’s newest original Canadian series, Tougher Than It Looks? at 11pm beginning October 24th.


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