Prank Gone Wrong: Dude Dressed Up As Scary Clown Gets Punched In The Face

Screenshot: YouTube

For some ungodly reason, the clown population has seemed to grown over the past weeks, as people dressed as clowns have been found stalking people, roaming around the neighborhood and even scaring kids. There is no way around it: Clowns are pretty terrifying. Hell, one kid dressed up as a clown scared a woman so badly that she gave birth early. But what happens when one prank victim fights back?

An idiot on YouTube known as KickItWithAsh decided to get in on this clown phenomena in order to rack up some views and subscribers obviously. So once dressed as a clown, he decided to grab a bat and chase his prank victims. Well, something tells me he won’t be doing this much more after taking a right hook right into the face, prompting his dumb friend to yell “It’s a prank!”

Check out the video below and forward to the 1:30 mark to get to the karma:



I don’t condone violence, but I do condone when karma steps in and teaches a few idiots a lesson.

h/t The Hook Mag

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