Watch The Real Trevor Philips Show You What ‘GTA VR’ Would Really Be Like

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, and remains the franchise’s most popular game so far, but you still need a mod to be able to play it in VR, so some cheeky YouTubers have found the real life Trevor Philips (GTA V voice actor Steven Ogg) and created a trailer for what a VR version of the game might be like.

In the incredible clip directed by Adrian Picardi, an unsuspecting dude gets delivered a package with ‘Googel Tesela Appel Virtual Reality’ glasses in it, and is thrown into real life Los Santos with Trevor as his tutorial guide.

There’s death, destruction and even modders, as Steven Ogg turns in a truly terrifying performance as Trevor and the pair make their way through  a “consequence-free wonderland of shit, just waiting, waiting for your next idea”.

It’s the future of gaming, really. Soak yourself in it below as we cross our fingers for VR capabilities in GTA VI.

Watch: GTR VR 


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