New York Comic Con 2016 | ‘Power Rangers’ Goes Full ‘Breakfast Club’ In First Trailer

What if a Power Rangers movie pretended to be something that it wasn’t? At New York Comic Con, we got our answer as the first teaser trailer for the new big screen reboot made its debut…and it came off as a cross between The Breakfast Club and Chronicle.

It’s actually kind of hilarious, because the teens of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series were so clean cut that they were practically cardboard. But the movie re-imagines Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Trini as the troubled kids of Angel Grove, who have to stay in school on Saturdays to make up for their screw ups. The trailer kind of glosses over how they end up discovering the apparent ruins of Zordon’s ship or compound, as they find themselves with superpowers before they even touch their signature armor. It kind of plays like Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, but we’re hoping that this will actually be entertaining. And there’s at least one glimpse of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, in a very strange bedroom scene.

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For the new generation of “teenagers with attitude, Dacre Montgomery is playing Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger; with Naomi Scott as Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger; RJ Cyler as Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger; Becky G as Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger; and Ludi Lin as Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger. Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston is Zordon, while Bill Hader will provide the voice of comic relief robot, Alpha 5.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

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Photo Credit: Lionsgate