New York Comic Con 2016 | Starset Teases Their Marvel Graphic Novel

Starset is one of our favorite alternative metal bands, and we appreciate the way that they embrace their gimmick. The band is a part of The Starset Society, and their live shows are “demonstrations” which they perform in sci-fi inspired outfits. Their first album, “Transmissions” dealt with messages from the future being sent to the past. The band has a new album coming soon, but they’ve also recently revealed a deal with Marvel to bring Starset further into the comic book realm.

At New York Comic Con, Starset was interviewed live by Marvel, and they offered a few additional details about their Marvel project, including the release window and how it will tie into their ongoing themes. “We can’t say too much, but there’s a partnership,” said Starset founder and lead singer, Dustin Bates. “There’s going to be a Marvel graphic novel coming out in fall of [2017]. It is telling more information about the narrative of the Starset society, where the albums are soundtracks. There’s actually a novel, already out… a book, and this is an extension.”

Starset Marvel poster

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Starset did not reveal the artist or the creative team of the new Marvel graphic novel, but considering that they’re here at NYCC, that announcement may come before the end of the weekend. That said, Bates did tease the second album as well: “Just like the last one, our records are soundtracks for sci-fi movies, essentially. Whereas the last record was “Transmissions,” and it had a certain narrative to it, there’s a new narrative, a new movie for this new record. We haven’t gone public with the details, but there will be more details soon…In fact, this record is even more diverse than [‘Transmissions’], It goes from metal to pop.”

Fans in New York who want to see Starset live can catch them on Friday, October 7 at the Highline Ballroom. You can get tickets here.

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics