Exclusive Preview | ‘Squadron Supreme’ # 12

Before the Incursions, there were many Squadron Supremes on many Earths. Now, there’s only one group, made up from the survivors of various worlds who have come together to find a home on our world…and they’re all done playing by anyone else’s rules!

The original sin of this team was the murder of Prince Namor, the king of Atlantis who played a key role in the destruction of their worlds. The team thought they were done with him, but now, Namor may be on the cusp of a resurrection thanks to Zarda, the renegade Warrior Woman. With the team’s most powerful members now prisoners of S.H.I.E.L.D. or otherwise incapacitated, the task of stopping Zarda has fallen to Zarda, her alternate Earth counterpart who goes by Power Princess. But as you can see in our exclusive preview for Squadron Supreme # 12, the Power Princess doesn’t have any power left to fight herself!


The regular creative team of this series is writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk, with inkers Paul Neary and Marc Deering, as well as colorist Chris Sotomayor. Here’s Marvel’s solicitation text for the issue:

“CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN! THE FINAL CHAPTER OF ‘FINDING NAMOR’! The saga continues as the SQUADRON SUPREME try to stop WARRIOR WOMAN from resurrecting their sworn enemy, NAMOR — but nothing has gone to plan. Unable to help their allies, HYPERION and DOCTOR SPECTRUM are forced to watch as the stakes rise against them…with BLUR and THUNDRA pitted against SPIDER-MAN and the entirety of S.H.I.E.L.D. On his own, NIGHTHAWK hunts the precognitive Inhuman named ULYSSES, intent to discover whatever secrets his visions hold.”

Squadron Supreme # 12 will be released on Wednesday, October 5 in comic shops everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics


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