Exclusive Premiere | The New Up’s Black Swan

The New Up are one of those DIY bands that you’ve never heard of, but are compelled to pull up by their guitar straps once you do. Whether it’s by spreading the word or donating to their recent Indiegogo campaign to help them record and release their upcoming album, Tiny Mirrors, the electro rock band from San Francisco has an Id-alluring sound that draws you in.

Crave is exclusively premiering the new music video to their just-released single “Black Swan.”

The synth pop-charged, yet intense psychological horror tale comes from a real place as frontwoman Emily Pitcher explains, “Our friend was out with a group and found herself at this late night and pretty sketchy club in SF. Shorty after their arrival, she became separated from her friends. Feeling vulnerable and insecure without the safety of her crew and having partied too hard, she found herself in a piercing altercation with a woman at the club. This random woman continued to size her up and stare her down. The intensity grows and it feels like an eternity. Finally, she clenches her fist and goes to punch the woman in the face. She ends up punching a mirror — the woman that was ‘sizing her up’ was only a reflection of her own self.”

Pitcher, whose nuanced vocals give the bouncy track levity added, “There is a loneliness to living in a bustling, urban environment and we can get swept away with the lifestyle of partying and ultimately escaping to feel a false sense of freedom and happiness. We succumb to a superficial encounter or a one night stand in order to feel some sense of love and acceptance. Simultaneously, we are filled with fear resulting in a forced sense of overconfidence to not appear vulnerable.

For more on The New Up go here. Tiny Mirrors is out November 4th


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