Ryan Lochte’s ‘Drunk Frat Boy’ Is The Auto-Tuned Song You Have To Hear

Thanks to Ryan Lochte and his lies, the last week of the Olympics had to take a backseat, as the majority of people were focused on whether Lochte and his pals were robbed at gun point in Rio. Here’s a hint: They weren’t. Now Lochte’s pitiful interview with Matt Lauer has been turned into an auto-tuned song you’ll be singing all day.

Thanks to The Gregory Brothers, follow Lochte as he sings about just being a drunk frat boy, while footage of his interview, as well as footage of Al Roker yelling at Billy Bush, make up the hilarious video. Check it out below:

Well, at least his dumb decisions led to this doozy.

h/t Huffington Post

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