Is Beyoncé Really A Reptilian Pretending To Be A Human?

There are hundreds of videos and articles all over the internet from people claiming to have irrefutable proof that Beyoncé is either a reptilian pretending to be a human in order to control the world, or possessed by demons that take over her body when she performs. Just search “Beyoncé reptilian” or “Beyoncé possessed” on YouTube and you can watch them all for yourself. Here’s a fine example:

So the question is, is it possible that an evil reptilian clone has replaced Beyoncé, or has she been one since the beginning? The answer:

NO! What are you even talking about?? That’s one of the dumbest things anyone has ever said, and yet somehow people actually believe this garbage! So you mean to tell me that there are giant lizards that can shapeshift into the form of existing humans, or even pose as humans, and walk among us? And what do these hyperintelligent lizard individuals do with their powers? Write pop songs and perform choreographed dances. Yeah, I’m sure back on the reptilian planet they’re checking in with, all of their infiltrators around the universe get updates. On one planet they became government officials and control society. On another planet they control the economy. On Earth? Oh, the lizards of Earth have multiple Billboard #1 singles and marry the guy who sampled Little Orphan Annie in a rap song.

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That’s the problem with the state of the internet. Anyone can post any idiotic idea on it and then someone else will post their own video using that one as their source. They’re either clinically insane or just doing it for clicks and views, but then susceptible, less-than-intelligent people will jump on it and say, “Hey if it wasn’t true, then why are there all these articles and videos about it?” This is honestly why it’s so difficult for our society to progress.

Let’s say, for example, that Peanut Butter Twix bars became poisonous and thousands of people were dying from eating them. The government tries to stop production of Peanut Butter Twix, but says that all other Twix are fine. It’s just that this one type of Twix is responsible for deaths every day. Now you get articles and videos coming out where people are saying, “Well why is it that the government wants to deny our right to own Peanut Butter Twix? I have a case of them at my house and no one’s gotten hurt. Sure a kid could get into them and die, but it’s my right to own any sort of Twix I want. Are you tired of the government trying to tell you what kind of Twix you’re allowed to eat? And what’s next? Skittles? Starbursts? Your home? Your bank account? Folks, if they take these Twix bars, then it’s only a matter of time before they get rid of ALL of our rights!”

beyonce really a reptilian pretending to be human, beyonce rumors, beyonce reptile
You can find something on the internet to back up pretty much any claim. So if you’re discussing a topic with someone, you can present pages of concrete facts and evidence, but it means nothing because they saw a video of THE TRUTH THAT THE BIG CORPORATE MEDIA DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! Instead of seeking out truth, they seek out someone — anyone — who agrees with their opinion.

If it’s their opinion, then no amount of evidence will change their mind. If it’s your opinion, then literally any contradicting statement is all the proof they need to discredit you. “Oh, you have documented proof that I’m wrong? Well check out this meme I found on Facebook that says otherwise! Checkmate!”

For the love of God, stop believing everything you read on the internet. If you’re discussing a topic with someone, ask them for the source of their claim. The internet has become this giant telephone game where stories get twisted and misinterpreted until folklore is being preached as truth. My friend is a nurse and said the other day that she was with a patient whose brother was there. The brother says to the nurse, “I can’t believe that Hillary Clinton story. Must have been a shock for you especially, huh?” She didn’t know what he was talking about and asked what he was referring to. He says, “Well I just heard that when they were going through Hillary Clinton’s emails, they found out that she secretly had the cure for cancer, but wasn’t sharing it with anyone. Now it’s out and available to the public and you can buy it at Walmart.”

This is not a joke. A grown adult actually said those words. Imagine a world where that would seem like a plausible thing, or something you would just accept on face value without doing any research on your own. Also, why would Walmart be the only place to buy a miracle medicine? Why am I trying to find logic in this?

beyonce really a reptilian pretending to be human, beyonce rumors, beyonce reptile
Look for the truth in all things. and are great resources to find out if an internet rumor is true or not. You can get on there and check to see who among us is a reptilian lizard person if you want. Spoiler alert: it’s no one. Because that’s really dumb.

beyonce really a reptilian pretending to be human, beyonce rumors, beyonce reptile