The 11 Funniest UFC Fighter Nicknames Of All Time

UFC fighters aren’t like the rest of us. They’re in peak physical condition, their hands and feet are considered deadly weapons, and, most importantly, they get to pick their own nickname. Sure, some fighters adopt a name, but if you’re a fighter then you have to have a nickname. Most of them are intimidating and speak to the fighter’s toughness, but every once in a while a nickname comes along that’s downright comical. Here are some of the funniest nicknames MMA has ever seen.

1. Tamdan “The Barn Cat” McCrory
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There are plenty of animals you could choose as a nickname that would strike fear into the heart of your opponent. Lions, panthers, eagles or any other NFL team that lacks a strong running game. You have all the options in the world, but Tamdan McCrory decided to go with “The Barn Cat.” No one is scared of a barn cat except mice. Do you eat mice, Tamdan? Is that your gimmick? If so, change your ways, because that is unhealthy and downright unsanitary.

2. “Red Nose” Steve Berger
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
I pray this nickname has a direct correlation to the story of Rudolph. Just picturing a giant man watching that cartoon, then jumping out of his seat full of inspiration is one of the greatest images you can imagine that certainly never existed. It was probably more along the lines of someone noticing his nose getting red during a fight and it sticking with him. That’s not very fun, though. Let’s go with the Rudolph story instead. (Also, his nickname has recently been updated to “The Red Nose Pitbull,” but the original still stands for us.)

3. Nick “The Ninja of Love” Denis
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
I have quite a few questions for “The Ninja of Love.” Is this supposed to be about fighting? Because, from the sound of it, it sounds like you sneak up on people and give them a little kiss. It could be much creepier than that, but I’m going to assume it’s just a little smooch on the cheek. Either way it definitely isn’t going to have any of his opponents trembling in fear. That is, unless they’re scared of some covert kisses coming their way hehehe.

4. Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
This sounds like the default name you get on a UFC video game when you create a character but haven’t customized any of his attributes or abilities yet. The only thing worse than “The Athlete” would be not having a name at all. It’s like seeing a guy holding a fan and giving him the nickname “Guy who’s holding a fan.”

5. “The Mexicutioner” Joey Beltran
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
On paper this one could be a bit confusing. Is he a Mexican that murders people or is he an executioner that only kills people from Mexico? That last one is more of a hate crime than anything else, so thankfully it’s the former. He’s since moved on from the UFC to Bellator, but with a name like that it’s hard to forget him.

6. Rick “The Horror” Story
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
You have to work with what you have, but do you have to be so on the nose with it, Rick? What kind of horror story are we talking about here? Gothic? Atmospheric? And let’s be honest, you’re just setting yourself up for bad headlines after a big loss by putting the words “the horror story” in your name. The Neverending Story would’ve been good. He could come to the ring on that big cloud dog thing and the movie’s theme song could be blasting over the PA. Now that’s how you win over a crowd.

7. “Weather Underground” Kristian Rothaermel
To be honest, I’m not sure he understands how weather works at all. Is it maybe a reference to lava or some sort of earthquake? Those aren’t things caused by the weather, but what else could it mean? Maybe it’s meant in a hipster kind of way. Like, “hey I knew about next week’s weather before you’d even thought about next week! That’s right, I’m into underground weather.” Yeah that’s really dumb. I don’t want to think about this nickname anymore.

8. “Uncle Creepy” Ian McCall
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
If one of your son’s friends was hanging out at your house and called you “Uncle Creepy,” most of us would either be deeply offended or emotionally damaged, but we certainly wouldn’t speak of it ever again. Ian McCall went in a different direction and totally embraced it by making it his nickname. He’s had 13 MMA wins, so plenty of opponents have felt the wrath of Uncle Creepy.

9. “Muscle Shark” Sean Sherk
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
“Muscle Shark” sounds like the name a 7-year-old would pick for their gamertag on Xbox Live. “Yeah this is Muscle Shark and I’m ranked 18th in the world in Call of Duty’s zombie mode!” It could also be the tagline of a Sharknado sequel, but honestly anything could be the tagline of a Sharknado sequel.

10. Ryan “Darth” Bader
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
I get that it’s supposed to be a play on words of Darth Vader, who is quite scary, but Darth Bader sounds like a little kid that’s missing his front teeth trying to list off his favorite Star Wars characters. Of course I’d never say that to Ryan Bader’s face. That man could rip me in half like a damp paper towel.

11. Ron Waterman the “H20 Man”
funny ufc nicknames, funniest mma nicknames
Come on, Ron. You’re better than this. That’s barely even a nickname. You just took one word of your name and called it by another term. It’s like if Laurence Fishburne said his nickname was Laurence Flounderburne. Also, it sort of makes you sound like Adam Sandler’s “The Waterboy,” but a sad, grown-up version that everyone is creeped out by, but they’re trying to be understanding.

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