If Popular ’90s Albums Had Honest Titles

Photo: Robert Knight Archive/Redferns (Getty)

The ’90s may have been great for a lot of things, but musically we certainly had to endure a lot of garbage. It’s too bad we didn’t know then what we know now, because we could’ve saved a lot of our Columbia House free CD credits from all those terrible albums we wasted them on. Here are some of the most recognizable albums from the ’90s and what their titles would have been if they were honest.

Dr. Dre – “2001”

Green Day – “Nimrod”

Destiny’s Child – “The Writing’s on the Wall”

Lauryn Hill – “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”

Dave Matthews Band – “Crash”

Oasis – “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”

Ricky Martin – “Ricky Martin”

Limp Bizkit – “Significant Other”

Will Smith – “Big Willie Style”

U2 – “Pop”

Hanson – “Middle of Nowhere”

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