Ranking the Most Rocking Vocalists of ’90s Rock Music

Photo: Gie Knaeps (Getty)

The ’90s were good for a lot of things: teenage heartthrobs, slap bracelets and disturbing commercials. Even rock music of the ’90s stands out like no other era, between Kurt Cobain owning the grunge scene, Fred Durst breaking “stuff,” and bands still touring we wish would just give up already.

Knowing what we know about rock history’s greatest front men (and Fred Durst), how could we possibly pass up the chance to rank the most rocking vocalists of ’90s rock? These guys and girls herein had vocal cords that rattled something loose in our angsty teenage souls, unless you were born in the ’90s, in which case you’re a total creep when it comes to music and all else.

Let’s break down the ’90s rock scene, which consisted primarily of the Brit rock era, America’s grunge scene and pop punk’s best-laid vocals according to Carson Daly and a bunch of other people we’re excited to never see around anymore. We’re ranking the best singers in ’90s rock, and while there might be a few surprises along the way, you’ll find in the end you can trust us with these things.

Ranking the Most Rocking Vocalists of ’90s Rock Music

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