Buffalo Bills Fan Enjoys A Line Of Coke During Halftime

Halftime entertainment sure has changed over the years.

Some people like to kickback during a football game’s halftime show; others like to rush to the restroom or go grab a beer. And yet one Buffalo Bills fan decided that he wanted to take a different route: the cocaine route. A route that we really wish no one else takes.

Buffalo Bills Fan Snorts Coke During Halftime, Bills Fan Snorts Cocaine During Halftime

The photo was taken by a nearby fan during this past Sunday’s Giants-Bills game (a game the Bills lost).

According to the person who took the photo, not only was this guy sporting a painted-on Tyrod Taylor jersey, but the woman he was with also snorted coke off that dollar bill. They took turns actually.

I don’t expect much from a guy who goes to a football game with basketball shorts and a painted on jersey, but it’s probably best these fans use their dollar bills for important things. Like the strip club.

Via Deadspin

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