16 Reasons ‘Married With Children’ Wouldn’t Survive on TV Today

Photo: FOX

When I was a kid, I would watch Married with Children until I reached a catatonic state. I was obsessed. But today – only 20 years later – it seems like characters like Al Bundy and Co. would be kicked off the air after making one of their many politically incorrect jokes. Would Al Bundy survive today’s scandal-obsessed world? Are you insane? Here are a few reasons he’d be booted faster than you can say “misogynist pig.”

16 Reasons ‘Married With Children’ Wouldn’t Survive on TV Today

1. Fat-shaming.

2. General misogyny.

3. Joking about suicide.

4. Promoting the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype.

5. Cultural insensitivity.

6. More fat-shaming.

7. Smoking on TV. (What about the children?)

8. Joking about killing your family.

9. Spousal abuse.

10. Hating on feminists.

11. Teaching kids that violence is the answer.

12. Frequently bashing the French.

13. Treating women like objects.

14. Gross displays of male comfortability.

15. Nipples.

16. And finally…fat-shaming.

(All photos: FOX)

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